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Stylish and Efficient Fireplaces

Stylish and Efficient  Fireplaces

Do you want a vented gas fireplace without installing a masonry chimney? You can go for a direct vent fireplace. Highly efficient and easy to install, direct vent gas unit gives you the option to create customized fireplaces. With an operating efficiency of 85%, direct vent fireplaces are quickly becoming the go-to option for builders and homeowners. These fireplaces are completely sealed from the interior and therefore no harmful gases are released into your home.

Customized designs

At Hill Country Fireplaces, our expert technicians understand the importance of design when building a highly efficient direct vent fireplace. The better the design, the more efficient the fireplace, that’s why we make sure to craft each fireplace with beauty and perfection.
Because Direct Vent gas fireplaces are completely sealed from the interior of the building, nothing harmful is released into the room. We build Natural Gas or Propane gas units.

Choose from top vendors

Heatilator brings you direct vent technology. Now get optimal heat, conserve energy and ensure clean, safe indoor air quality with Heatilator’s direct vent fireplaces and inserts.

Choose from the most versatile fireplace series. Napoleon’s direct vent gas fireplaces can be vented directly through a wall or roof.

Choose Heat & Glo gas fireplaces for more appeal and less hassle for your fireplace.

Create a sophisticated ambiance with the largest selection of contemporary and traditional direct vent fireplaces from Ortal Heat. From front facing to three-sided and tunnel fireplaces, choose from our extensive catalog.

Do you want to bring home unmatched quality, style and heat efficiency of a direct vent fireplace? Hill Country can help!